The World's Cleanest Sock!

Ordinary socks are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Our Silver Socks are woven with pure silver threads that naturally kill bacteria and prevent odor.

SILVER MAGIC: When it comes to odor control, there's simply nothing better than our signature SilverPro technology.

silver-pro anti-bacterial, odorless socks - silver thread

WALKING ON AIR COMFORT: The premium organic cotton woven in with our Silver fabric allows comfortable wear.

ZONED CUSHIONING: The reinforced heel & nose design allows you to take comfortable strides all day long without any discomfort. Antibacterial Socks.

silver-pro antimicrobial, antibacterial socks

Why everyone wears Silver Socks?

Silver socks are strongly antibacterial to a wide range of pathogens, absorb sweat, and by killing bacterial help eliminate unpleasant foot odor.

Anti stink Socks: Silver Socks help to prevent dermal infections, mycoses, and eczemas, and aid in their treatment Silver socks are non-toxic, non-irritant, do not cause allergic reactions. Speed up healing of small wounds and cuts. Improve blood supply to the feet and have a proven positive effect on circulation.

Non-smelly socks: Silver socks are absorbent and breathable, which makes them great to wear for any occasion, including fitness. Strengthened sole increases durability and comfort.

How do SilverPro Silver Socks kill bacteria and prevents odor?

Silver carries a naturally positive charge, and bacteria take a typically negative charge. When in contact with bacteria, silver breaks bacteria's cell wall and kills it on contact.

Silver has been used since the beginning of modern medicine, but we perfected it with advanced technology to create the World's Cleanest Sock.

silver-pro non smelly antibacterial socks

How long will my SilverSocks' amazing effects last?

Silver, along with organic premium cotton, is woven directly into our fabric, it will never wash away or degrade in strength. We put our socks through rigorous wash tests to ensure they'll last a long time.

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